Who we are

Promoting quality Jesuit education in Africa and Madagascar

JASBEAM started out as JESAMED which was derived from JESAM, which stands for “Jesuits of Africa and Madagascar”. The first meeting of the JESAM took place in Lusaka in 1970. At the time, the many Jesuits working in Africa felt that they were all facing similar problems, and that all could learn from the way these problems were being dealt with in other parts of the continent. Originally, Jesuits in Africa had come from various parts of the world; they were all inspired by Ignatian spirituality, but the different regions had very little contact with one another.

In 2018, JESAM changed to JCAM (Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar). In the same year during the meeting in Lusaka in February, JESAMED changed to JASBEAM. The need to change the name came from the realization that JESAMED did not operate like a network but it operated like a group of Education Delegates who looked after their schools independently and the schools did not have any connection with other schools in the Conference.

Meetings are organized regularly, to exchange views, to share about the work done, to plan common activities, etc.

Mission Statement

To create a strong network which will enhance collaboration among our Jesuit Schools and to provide quality educational services that allow all our stakeholders to achieve human excellence in the Jesuit educational tradition.


  1. To mobilise collectively human and material resources so that they can be used in a more effective way.
  2. To strengthen communication through a common website and publications and other common initiatives.
  3. To develop better collaboration among Jesuit educational institutions in Africa and Madagascar.
  4. To establish common guidelines for Jesuit schools in Africa and Madagascar which articulate the benchmarks for Jesuit education.
  5. To establish education advocacy in Africa and Madagascar.
  6. To network and collaborate with other Jesuit networks around the world.


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