Balling and Vocalizing in the Claverian Land

This article has been prepared by Carlos Richard Mtibua, a student from St.Peter Claver High School in Tanzania who shared his experience on how students at this school develop their talents through sports and games.

In this school we are known for sports, discipline and academic excellence. On top of that, “Success is not an option but an expectation’’. There goes our school’s slogans.

Excelling in academics is a top priority as part and parcel of the core foundation for the establishment of any learning institution. A common tale however goes by, you cannot force a fish to climb hence can’t judge its ability through tree climbing. It’s why co-curricular activities step in and let a fish still swim. Sports, entertainment and activities such as debate then supplement hence entail each and every student to participate in activities he or she can do best.

Without sports in schools, we would not be observing special talents such as Mbwana Samatta, Simon Msuva, Kelvin John, Thomas Ulimwengu and Farid Mussa who have shown and fully represented Tanzania as a home of talents around the globe in football. Not only those but also Hasheem Thabit who represented Tanzania in the NBA (American Basketball).

Knowing and noticing its vital importance, St. Peter Claver High School management highly promotes sports. In this year alone, we have had various sports and games including UMISETA games in which our basketball team became the champions in the region, Dodoma. Moreover, the basketball team produced the region’s MVP (Most Valuable Player). Hence providing a light to such talents to excel further and chase his dreams. The football and netball teams also did well and produced some of the best players in the region. We had a competitive senior derby around February which was super sensational and caught the attention of the multitude.

On 17th and 18th July, we had Sports Inter-classes Bonanza which provided an opportunity for each member within the Claverian land with an equal chance to participate in football, basketball and netball as one of the elite games. New talents were discovered which create tension on the upcoming senior derby on the welcome form five celebrations which is scheduled to be on the 7th August this year.

There are upcoming challenges such as the Claverians Championship and a match with the Azam FC Academy. All these are accompanied with prizes such a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater and opportunity to be a Vodacom Premier League player in the near future.

We have music and dance shows in which we witness the resurrection of Michael Jackson (MJ) and Tupac Shakur. One of our own produced a hit song. We are really proud as a Claverian Community.

St.Peter Claver High School is a home of success through both channels of education and sports in-supported by discipline as a blueprint of attaining one’s ambitions.

Retrospect, success is not an option but an expectation and to judge ones capabilities, measure an individual in what he or she is interested in. Here we go by, “SPORTS FOR EVERYBODY.’’