St Ignatius, a hub of the brightest minds in Zimbabwe

Tucked high behind rolling hills with spectacular aerial views, St Ignatius is a hub that houses some of the brightest minds in the country and philanthropists. It was and is home to young men and women who are bent on being women and men for others.

The College, is a Jesuit owned institution that thrives on excellence and boasts of being one of the most prestigious schools in Zimbabwe with a lucrative record of dexterity both in the academic and co- curricular activities. It is not just another school, but a mould. It forms, builds an all rounded student that can be a leader and prototypical member of society.   The alumni of the College are proof enough that the Hilltop is not a place but that which produces resourceful and success minded people.

The School breathes in the “Ignatian” spirit.  They say “Once an Ignatian, always an Ignatian.” But   what is an Ignatian? An Ignatian is any student or product of the College current or past who draws inspiration from the teachings and principles of St Ignatius Loyola founder of the Jesuit Fathers. This is animated in what is called Ignatian Spirituality. The beauty of the Ignatian spirit is that it extends to the “Magis” who go and set the world on fire. In this, lies the beauty of being Ignatian because there is witnessing and testament of the friendships forged among strangers that last for a lifetime because being Ignatian is just but contagious!

It is thus a privilege of being and thus witness to being an Ignatian because one is a part of friendships that bloom into brotherhood. There’s nothing like witnessing the display of affection and unity among students when school teams play. There’s nothing like the vibe that wows you and tugs your soul until you flow with it. Walk over to the school hall and you’ll find the Marimba team perfecting the tempo to their vibes, take a stroll to the music room and the jazz band will just mesmerize you the same way.

Ask anyone who has been part of the Ignatian crowd at any given time and they will tell you how being Ignatian is something a dictionary cannot define. Let alone on a Sunday, going for mass and being there in the chapel brings an enchanting spiritual communion that makes one feel you are part of one big extended family.

It is a journey of being a Magi, where memories and lived experiences of past students and the present make indelible marks of excellence in an individual endowed with conscience, compassion, competence and commitment!